6c Renaissance lute

  • 60.0 cm
  • 8 ⅔ fret spaces
  • 11 ribs
  • G
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A beautifully light and resonant instrument, closely modelled on the Gerle lute in Vienna (Kunsthistorisches Museum), though made with a plainer choice of materials.

The back has 11 ribs of figured slab sawn maple, with dark rib spacers, and with a light amber oil varnish. The Alpine spruce soundboard has a finely cut rose and plum wood bridge. The fingerboard is also plum with light-coloured hardwood edging strips. Neck and pegbox are solid beech and the heart shaped pegs are cocobolo. Completed in June 2016 .

This instrument has a warmth and clarity of which sound is suited to the full range of 16th lute music from the early Italian to the Elizabethan English. Weight 610 g. Supplied in a Kingham MTM fitted case, with dark green exterior and green velvet lining.

From £4590 (including case)

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