Vvendelio Venere

Vvendelio Venere 1
  • String length 67 cm
  • 8 ⅔ spaces
  • Model WW

The label on the original instrument reads “In Padua Vvendelio Venere de Leonardo Tieffenbrucker 1582”.

This  beautifully designed tenor lute isin the  collection of  Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna (C.36). In 1984 Gerhard Sohne published a careful analysis of this instrument in which he demonstrated not only that Venere’s design was based on a  strict system of proportion, but that the  outline was also based on the subtle use of elliptical lines. Whilst there are  contemporary lutes with more ribs and more decoration, few can match the purity and simplicity of Venere’s masterpiece.  Although now little used, instruments of this size were probably much more common in the late sixteenth century - understandably given the magnificently resonant sound that they produce.The line drawing is a taken from Gerhard Sohne's published plan.

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