Mattheus Buchenberg

  • 89/1780
  • 10 fret spaces
  • 39
  • Model MB
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Buchenberg chitarroni display a matchless elegance of form

Ernst Gottlieb Baron (1727) sums up his achievement perfectly:- “Some extant theorboes by him (Buchenberg) are the most splendid that can be found - oval-round, of a very proportionate size, and with a very delicate, penetrating metallic tone. Whoever is fortunate enough to possess something by this special and splendid master can cherish it as a jewel of an instrument”.This particular model is based closely on an instrument in the Victoria and Albert Museum (no 190-1882). The upper neck has been slightly shortened, and in my version is restored to double the length of the stopped strings - the normal ratio at the time. Both necks of the original instrument decoration are extensively decorated with geometric parquetry work, but simpler decorative schemes are possible. Another Buchenberg chitarrone in Brussels has lower and upper necks made from plain beech that has simply been stained a blackish/brown. Then as now, not everyone could afford expensive decoration. Single or double strung.

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