Hans Frei, C.34

  • 67 cm
  • 10 ½ frets
  • 11 ribs
  • Model E

This is based on the smaller of the two original Frei lutes in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

The body of this instrument is in the characteristically elegant ‘pearl’ form for which the Bologna lute-makers were renowned. It is likely that the conversion to its current formas an eleven course lute dates from the early to mid 17th century, when when many similar instruments were bought by French players.There are striking similarities between this lute and the instrument depicted in the portrait of the renowned French lutenist Charles Mouton by Francois De Troy.

Interestingly the neck on the original is veneered in walnut rather than ebony, which recalls the statement in Mary Burwell’s Lute tutor that ebony veneer on lute necks was considered ‘improper’ because it made ‘cold and slippery for the thumb’.

Appropriate woods for the construction of the back include figured maple, ash, and yew. Cambered fingerboard and treble rider for the chanterelle.

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