Sixtus Rauwolf

  • 67 cm
  • 10 fret spaces
  • Model R

Based on original instrument by Sixtus Rauwolf of Augsburg, now owned and played by Jakob Lindberg

The Rauwolf lute was built in Augsburg around 1590, originally as a seven or eight course instrument, thought it still has the original neck for eleven courses which was added during the 17thcentury. It has been generally been considered that French lute players of the 17thcentury played on converted Bologna lutes to the exclusion of all others, but it is worth remembering that French builders also imported and converted lutes from Venice and Padua - i.e. full- bodied lutes like the Rauwolf. The author of the Mary Burwell Tutor also points out that: “there is a great dispute amongst the moderns concerning the shape of the lute” - which strongly suggests that lutes like the Rauwolf were used and appreciated in this period more that is generally acknowledged. usually

The fingerboard is cambered to suit the individual player, and a treble rider is usually fitted for the chanterelle. The 15 rib back is usually made from finely figured maple or yew without filets.

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