The 13 course lute with a single pegbox and bass rider was developed around 1718, probably as the result of a collaboration between the great virtuoso Leoplold Sylvius Weiss and the maker Thomas Edlinger of Prague.

Marx Unverdorben

  • 72 cm / 76 cm
  • 10 fret spaces
  • 37
  • Model UV

Based on one of the best preserved Unverdorben lutes, now in Fenton House, London.

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Hans Frei (Warwick)

  • 70 cm/ 76 cm
  • 10 ΒΌ frets
  • 11 ribs
  • Model FF

This lute is modelled on the instrument by Hans Frei in Warwick County Museum - arguably one of the finest of all surviving lutes

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