Hans Frei (Warwick)

  • 70 cm/ 76 cm
  • 10 ¼ frets
  • 11 ribs
  • Model FF

This lute is modelled on the instrument by Hans Frei in Warwick County Museum - arguably one of the finest of all surviving lutes

Built on the classic ‘pearl’ form, for which Bologna lutes were renowned, the body, in particular the cross sections, are of great subtlety and elegance. Originally built as a six (perhaps seven) course lute, it was re-necked in the 17th century to accommodate eleven courses, but the elegance of the design commends its use as a 13 course lute.

As on the original, I prefer to use highly figured maple for ribs. The neck can be made in plain woods such as plum or maple , or veneered in ebony. Cambered fingerboard, treble rider for the chanterelle, and bass rider for the two lowest courses.

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