Marx Unverdorben

  • 72 cm / 76 cm
  • 10 fret spaces
  • 37
  • Model UV

Based on one of the best preserved Unverdorben lutes, now in Fenton House, London.

Originally made in Venice in the 1580s it was probably converted to a ten course lute between 1610 and 1619. Although the instrument may well have subsequently been used as an eleven course lute, all traces of that arrangement were removed when the final conversion to a theorboed 13 course lute was made by Gabriel David Buchstetter in 1747. Although there is no direct evidence that this was ever a thirteen course lute with a bass rider, it works extremely well as such. The beautifully formed back has yew 37 ribs. Cambered fingerboard, treble rider for the chanterelle, and bass rider for the two lowest courses.

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