Hans Frei

  • 62.5 or 63 cm
  • 8 ¾ fret spaces
  • 11
  • Model E
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Modelled on the Hans Frei lute in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, no C.34

The body has the characteristic ‘pearl’ form for which the Bologna lute-makers were renowned, with 11 broad ribs, and a deep endclasp.

The instrumentillustrated (completed in June 2013) has a ebony veneered neck, a plum and ebony pegbox, ebony soundboard edging, and ebonised pegs and bridge to match. The string length can be either 62.5 or 63 cm according to choice. The neck is long enough to accomodate eight tied gut frets, with the ninth applied as a body fret at the neck joint.

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