Vvendelio Venere

  • String length 58.7 cm
  • 8 ⅔ fret spaces
  • Model WT
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Modelled on the 7c 1592 Venere alto lute now in the collection of the Academia Filharmonica, Bologna.

One of few late sixteenth century lutes to remain in substantially unaltered condition. The version shown is based on the form and outline of the original instrument, but has a simpler back of 13 figured maple ribs, with a neck and peg-box in fine grained plum, and an ebony fingerboard and belly edging.

I also build this model with a back of 25 heartwood yew ribs and white filets - as on the original. Although the Venere lute is veneered with decorative stripes on the neck and peg-box, paintings of the period show that lutes with multi rib backs often had plain necks. Please note that prices for the multi rib version start from £5700.

From £5200

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