Original Design

  • String length 60cm
  • 8 ⅔ fret spaces
  • Model V
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Designed in the style of the Vvendelio Venere workshop.

The body outline has the full, elliptical outline that is typical ofNorth Italian lutes from the 1580 onwards. A lute of similar size by Giovanni Hieber does survive but with a very distorted outline - my solution has been to reconstruct a design in the Venere style. The string length is just slightly longer than the 1592 Venere (see previous entry), and this is balanced by a proportionately larger body. The barring closely follows the pattern of numerous surviving Venere lutes. The 13 rib back can be built in either yew or maple. In the modern revival of the lute, the 60 cm g’ lute has become an almost standard form of the instrument.

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