Georg Gerle

  • String length 59.8 cm
  • 8 ½ frets spaces
  • Model G
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Based on the original unaltered ivory lute by George Gerle.

The original unaltered ivory lute by Georg Gerle is now in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna (SAM 31). Gerle worked in Innsbruck from 1567 until his death in 1591 though, like most lute makers, he came from came from Füssen in Southern Germany. The instrument, though undated, was probably constructed around 1580. Built with the original barring scheme, the characteristic sound of this model makes it ideally suited for the late 16th century lute repertory. Gerle’s lute is a beautifully made instrument, full of subtle detailing, especially on the slender neck and fingerboard which curve gracefully into the body. The back is made of eleven ribs of figured maple with filets. The neck and pegbox can be made from solid maple, plum, or beech.

The instrument illustrated has a neck veneered in the style of the original (details on request)

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