Hans Frei

  • String length 63/64
  • 8½ fret spaces
  • Model E
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This is based on the smaller of the two original Frei lutes in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

The body is in the characteristic ‘pearl’ form for which the Bologna lute-makers were renowned. The cross sections of the eleven rib back are slightly less squarely formed than the Warwick Frei. I prefer to build the eleven rib back from figured maple or ash without any filets, and a plain fruitwood neck and pegbox.

The lute illustrated was built with ribs cut from finely figured maple (acer), varnished with an amber oil varnish. The neck and pegbox are fine grained Swiss pearwood. The design of the rose is my own reworking of a knot design by Leonardo da Vinci.

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