Hans Frei

  • String length 67.2 cm
  • 8½ fret spaces
  • Model F
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A small tenor lute based on the Warwick Frei

The Warwick Frei lute is justly celebrated a one of the finest surviving 16th century lutes but with a string length of around 70 cm somewhat too large for some players. This version has a more manageable string length of 67.2 cm, though the body has only been scaled down by just under 2%. It is a credit to the strength of Frei’s original design that, even when altered slightly, the clarity and resonance of the resulting instruments is undiminished.

The instrument shown has a back made of plum and figured maple, with a plum wood neck and pegbox. This stripped effect was is seen in many paintings of the period, though the instrument can be made with any of the usual woods, such as figured maple, ash, yew etc. In this instance the boxwood fingerboard overlaps the body, though it can be detailed in other ways too. The fingerboard edging is bone.

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