The prices listed here are what a customer can currently expect to pay for a particular model in standard form (see Terms and Conditions). Agreed changes to the standard design may be subject to additional charges. Cost estimates for for using rare or exceptional quality woods are also available on request. As a general rule the necks and pegboxes of six course lutes are solid wood - typically plum, pear, maple or beech, whereas lutes with seven courses or more usually have necks and pegboxes veneered in ebony. Where a player prefers not to have an ebony veneered neck, I am happy to discuss other options. Where stylistically appropriate, extra decoration on the neck in the form of decorative pattern stripped lines is available and a price will be offered on request.

Renaissance lutes


Six course

Original design £4250
Original design £4250
Georg Gerle £4251
Original design £4250
Hans Frei £4350
Hans Frei £4350
Hans Frei £4400

Seven course

Treble lute after Vvendelio Venere £3500
Vvendelio Venere £4750
Original Design £4750
Original design £4100
Sixtus Rauwolf £5200
Vvendelio Venere £5200
Vvendelio Venere £6000

Eight course

Vvendelio Venere £4800
Original design £4800
Hans Frei £4200
Original design £5000
Sixtus Rauwolf £5200

Nine course

Magno Tieffenbrucker £4800
Sixtus Rauwolf £4700

Ten course

Magno Tieffenbrucker Available on request
Hans Frei Available on request
Sixtus Rauwolf Available on request