The prices listed here are a guide to what a particular model may currently cost in its standard form. Changes to the standard design and the use of special woods (such as heart /sap yew), or all gut stringing will normally attract an extra charge which will be agreed in advance. As a general rule the necks and pegboxes of six course lutes are solid wood - typically plum, pear, maple or beech, whereas lutes with seven courses or more usually have necks and pegboxes veneered in ebony. I am happy to discuss other options. Where stylistically appropriate, extra decoration on the neck in the form of decorative pattern stripped lines is available and a price will be offered on request.

Renaissance lutes


Six course

Original design £4600
Original design £4700
Georg Gerle £4700
Original design £4700
Hans Frei £4700
Hans Frei £4700
Hans Frei £4700

Seven course

Treble lute after Vvendelio Venere £4200
Vvendelio Venere £5000
Original Design £5000
Original design £5000
Sixtus Rauwolf £5200
Vvendelio Venere £5200
Vvendelio Venere £6000

Eight course

Vvendelio Venere £5200
Original design £4800
Hans Frei £5200
Original design £5200
Sixtus Rauwolf £5250

Nine course

Magno Tieffenbrucker £5400
Sixtus Rauwolf £5400

Ten course

Magno Tieffenbrucker £6100
Hans Frei £5500
Sixtus Rauwolf £5500